Hello Dear Readers of My Writing.

There are a few of you who have been SO KIND as to ACTUALLY subscribe to my blog.  I have a NEW ADDRESS.

Da Da Da Da!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Those exclamations are for Stacey who wrote How Many Exclamation Points Should One Use To End A Sentence? at twowritingteachers.wordpress.com



The new address gives me more freedom to be creative.

I will miss you. I hope you move over 🙂

love Pamela


Missing My Mom

Today is my Mother’s birthday.

She lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. I live in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, USA.  According to Mapquest it would take 33 hours  and 25 minutes to drive to her house. She is 2058.21 miles away.  It would cost four hundred and eighty-six dollars and two cents to drive there.

Once upon a time I lived in the same house as my mother.  I woke up and walked down the hall past her bedroom and went into the kitchen and had a bowl of shredded wheat and half an orange for breakfast.  She was there in the morning when I walked to high school, and she was there when I walked home from high school.  She was there when I drove eight hours away to college, and she was there when I came home to visit.  She was there when I married. She has been there for me through miscarriages, and babies and sadness and joy and rage and despair and rain and sunshine.

If my life is a circle, my mother is the center, the focus.  I am safe to walk away from the center knowing that my mother loves me.  It was easy for me to hitchhike through Israel,  live on a Kibbutz and   fly to Japan on a one way ticket to Bangkok.  Well, not really easy, but I wasn’t scared to have an adventure.  I knew I could come home again.

Now when I wake up in the morning I walk past the bedrooms of my children.  I walk downstairs to the kitchen and eat a hard-boiled egg and half an orange for breakfast.    I have my own home.  I have a husband and children to take care of.  I will be the center of a circle for my children, the focus.  They can leave the house and have adventures, and I will be here for them when they come home.  One day, I will see them every few years, and they will have their own circles.  They will be the focus for their children.


Look at the moon tonight at 8:00 o’clock your time, and I will look at the moon at the same time.  I will blow you a kiss, and sing Happy Birthday to you.  Close your eyes and listen.  You will hear me.

I love you.

Don’t Leave The Water Running.

Today I was focused on writing  The End of The Year School Reports.  I took a break at lunch to take the sheets off the bed and put them in the washing machine. Always trying to multi-task, (or maybe I was trying to avoid writing The End of The Year School Reports). While I was upstairs I saw the bathtub, and thought how nice it would be to have a nice relaxing warm bath on a cold rainy day, ( Or  maybe I was trying to avoid writing The End of The Year School Reports. )  I pushed down the plug in the bottom of the tub and turned on the hot and cold taps.

While the water was running I came downstairs to put the sheets in the washing machine.  It takes awhile for the tub to fill, so I thought I would take advantage of the extra few minutes.  After I put the sheets in the washer, I  thought maybe I should stop avoiding writing The End of The Year School Reports.  I sat down and started to write The End of School Reports on the computer.

About fifteen minutes later I decided I was thirsty and went into the kitchen.  I heard water running. I wondered what the sound was, as no one was taking a shower. My oldest child was at work, and the other two were in the kitchen.

I ran up the stairs to my bathroom yelling, “Grab towels. Come and help Mama!”  There was no time to photograph the water running over the tub, for a good image for a story. I turned off the water, and pushed the plug in the bottom of the tub to drain the water.  The water had spilled over the tub and completely covered the entire floor. I put the bathroom scale, garbage can,  toilet plunger and toilet brush in the sink.  I threw towels, bath mats and laundry at the base of the wall to prevent water from seeping through the cracks to the floor below.

I left the towels, bath mats and laundry on the floor. I left the bathroom scale, garbage can,  toilet plunger and toilet brush in the sink and came back downstairs and worked on The End of The Year School Reports. A few minutes later I took my youngest to her softball game.

At 6:07 I received a text from my husband. ” What happened in our bathroom?”

At 6:21 I replied, “The tub overflowed.”

The moral to the story is;  If you avoid writing The End of The Year School Reports, you may have to wash a lot of towels.

I Will Put My Mask On First

When I flew to Denmark in April I read the safety information in the pocket of the chair in front of me. It is always wise to be prepared. I wanted to know where the safety exits were.  I wanted to know where the bathroom was and I wanted to know what to do if the cabin pressure dropped.

The safety exits were in front of me. The bathroom was eight seats behind me.  If the cabin pressure dropped I was supposed to put my oxygen mask on first and then put my childs mask on.   I did not have any of my children with me.  But I did see  that I was supposed to put my mask on before I put my childs mask on.   I actually get to do something before my child. Or, to take care of my child I need to take care of myself first.

Do you know the saying, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. [Matthew 7:12]?  Would  I really want someone else to treat me like I treat myself?  I forget to make appointments to get my teeth cleaned, but my children’s teeth  are brushed and flossed and polished every six months.

I use an old towel with holes, a bit threadbare, when we go to the pool. I will spend the 14.99$ for each of my children to have a nice beach towel to take to the pool. I wonder if I just don’t think of it,  or do I think  I am really not worth $14.99.  I tried to buy myself a towel at a local National Discount Store last week.  I looked at several I liked for about 16 minutes.  I walked out without a towel. I couldn’t  spend the 14.99$ for the Lacost towel with the alligators.

Yes, Pamela there is a new towel for you. You are worthy of clean teeth and a new towel.  Embrace your value. Buy a towel, make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned.

Yesterday I went to Costco to buy chicken, strawberries ( to remind me of California), paper for the printer, red pepper and oranges. I walked past a display of towels.  I stood there for several minutes and then placed one in my cart.  It is made in Egypt of 100% Egyptian cotton. I am supposed to wash it before use, machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Item # 129453. It has stripes. It is mine.

My mask is on, I can breath on my own. Now to  put on my child’s mask.

A Full Garbage Can

I am not writing today.  I cleaned out the garage instead.  Several months ago, on March 17th, I told you I cleaned out the basement.  What I didn’t tell you was I  just moved the stuff from the basement to the garage. The boxes have been in my garage for 64 days laughing at me when I  toss the empty milk jugs into the recycle bin.  The boxes taunt me  when I take out the lawn mower.  “You will never park your car in the garage again.  You can not clean up this mess.  You will always be messy. Who are you trying to fool.  You are burdened by me, but I won’t leave. ”

I was too embarrassed to photograph both sides of the garage. I didn’t want you to see how totally messy I was. The after picture shows both sides.

Memorial Day our neighbors had a yard sale.  I climbed the mountain of dread and moved all the boxes from the garage onto the driveway early Monday, and had a yard sale as well. Everything that didn’t sell, was bagged and taken to a thrift store that afternoon.  Okay, not everything, the dog kennel I will put  on Craigslist next weekend. I don’t want to pretend to be perfect.  This morning, I didn’t write. I taped up the flattened boxes and placed them by the curb.  Swept the garage, and hung  the bikes.

I tried to sell the crib ends and the wheel from the wheel chair I told you I didn’t want anymore . I never did get rid of them on March 17th,  I just put them in the garage with the boxes.  I was hoping someone would fall in love with them and buy them at the yard sale yesterday.   No one bought them.  I tried to place them in the garbage pile today for tomorrows pick up.  They looked so forlorn and lost in the garbage pile.  They are back in the basement. Who knows when I might  need the wood from the crib ends, or need a wheel from a wheelchair.  I have decided it is okay to have a few odd things in my life.

I can not hear the boxes anymore.  The boxes are empty, flattened and waiting by the curb to be recycled in tomorrow’s garbage. It is raining and  I can not hear them in the rain.

The car is parked in the garage. I will write tomorrow, but not today.


My husband just said to me, as I was about to post this story about not writing today. “If you had told me Saturday night I would be parking my car in the garage Tuesday night I would have openly mocked you. I would have said, “You are full of baloney.”

I was about to flatten him and put him out in the rain with the cardboard, when he said, ‘That is so cool Pamela. I really appreciate what you did.”

He can stay.

Tuesdays With Kris and Kaydi

Tuesday night  in Saint Paul, Minnesota from 2001 until 2007  meant coffee with half and half, and prayer with Kris and Kaydi. We talked about our week and then we  prayed for each other. They prayed me through two miscarriages and the birth of my youngest daughter.  Kris and Kaydi had been meeting for several years when I moved into the neighborhood. I am grateful they asked me to join them.

Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi. Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi. Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi. Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night  at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi. Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi. Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.  Tuesday night at seven meet Kris and Kaydi.

The Allied Moving van took us to California from Minnesota  in 2007. We lived there for three years until the Allied Moving Van took us to Pennsylvania.

Sometimes on a Tuesday night in Pennsylvania I will get a funny feeling in my internal clock and feel like I am supposed to be somewhere. I start to feel like I am late for an important appointment around 7:10 , and then I remember Kris and Kaydi.

Kris is visiting us in Pennsylvania this weekend with her family.   I had the coffee pot ready for her on the kitchen counter. The ground coffee was a House Blend with a rick aroma & well-rounded body with walnut and chocolate tones. A half-gallon of half and half was waiting in the fridge.  I checked the date on the half and half at the grocery store, and took one from the back of the fridge.  I don’t drink coffee anymore, but I was ready for Kris.

Kris and her family are driving  back to Minnesota this morning. After they drive away, I will put the coffee pot back under the kitchen counter. I will put the House Blend ground coffee with a rick aroma & well-rounded body with walnut and chocolate tones in the freezer. I will use  the half and half in a chicken pot pie I will make later this week.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. Tomorrow night while I watch my youngest play softball, I will remember Kris and Kaydi, and I will pray for them.

Put The Lid Back On

A small bit of advice.

When you buy a bottle of liquid laundry soap and you own a cat it may be a good idea to put the lid back on the bottle after you use it.  Well, it might have been the cat.  I am not really sure how the 172 oz bottle of 2x Ultra all with stainlifters, free and clear of dyes, recommended by Dermatologists for Sensitive Skin, but may be harmful if swallowed bottle was knocked off of the top of the washing machine.  There are no video camera’s installed in the laundry room. I can’t play back a video tape to find out what really happened.  I didn’t see any paw prints.  I didn’t find a chewing gum wrapper, or a cigarette butt to help me find out the soap was spilt by someone who chewed gum or smoked cigarettes.

It was my laundry day. I was the last one to put a load in the washing machine. I was the first one to use the new bottle of laundry soap. I was the person who did not put the lid back on the bottle. I am responsible for the mess.

This is sort of like an Aesop’s fable. The moral of the story is : If you don’t put the lid back on the laundry soap, you may have to clean up the mess.