Monthly Archives: January 2012

digging post holes

Sometimes all you need to make your day better is to dig a few post holes.


living in a perfect world

All my life there have been things I would have done, or could have done, or should have done, but did not do.

This year I want more do. I live in the “perfect world” according to the survey. It’s a test that helps you discover what motivates you, created by Mark Gungor of “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”.

This blog is only being created because I am fighting the desire to have it perfect.  I never created a blog because I couldn’t decide on the typeface. Years of not writing, because it wouldn’t have been perfect. Years of not painting because it wouldn’t have been perfect.

Years wasted.

So here is my first post, in all its imperfection.  A start on a new life of creating, writing and building.