living in a perfect world

All my life there have been things I would have done, or could have done, or should have done, but did not do.

This year I want more do. I live in the “perfect world” according to the survey. It’s a test that helps you discover what motivates you, created by Mark Gungor of “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”.

This blog is only being created because I am fighting the desire to have it perfect.  I never created a blog because I couldn’t decide on the typeface. Years of not writing, because it wouldn’t have been perfect. Years of not painting because it wouldn’t have been perfect.

Years wasted.

So here is my first post, in all its imperfection.  A start on a new life of creating, writing and building.


4 responses to “living in a perfect world

  1. Robin Patrick

    Pamela, I have lived like this too. Always waiting until I could “get it right.” It sucks the desire right out of me. Well, maybe not the desire, but the energy and enjoyment in being involved in creative activities.

    P.S. Glad you got the cancer quickly!

  2. Kevin Aschacker

    A while ago I saw your facebook post that you’d started writing, Pamela, and thinking I’d check out your blog, promptly forgot about it. I thought I’d have a look today, and you know what? Your posts are honest and distilled, and fun to read. And funnily enough, one of them went right to the heart of things for me: ‘years of not writing because it wouldn’t have been perfect. Years of not painting because it wouldn’t have been perfect’. I’m glad to know there are others who have these self-limiting thoughts. Intellectually, of course, I know that these others exist, and have known for a long time. The emotional realization is another thing though, and that’s where the impression is made, and where it is real. Thanks for that.

    • Thank you for your comments Kevin,
      Have you started to paint? Painting as you see the world?
      To be fair, don’t compare.
      I don’t know where I heard that. But it helps me when I create. I don’t have to be like anyone else. I just have to be me.

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