Cancer Cells don’t respect authority

Today is Monday. I had a mole cut off of the back of my leg last Wednesday. This morning the nurse called from the Dermatologist’s office. She had  the pathology report from the mole they removed last Wednesday. The report that was suppose to take two weeks.  The report that took only four days.

I asked her to wait to tell me while I went and got a piece of paper and a pencil.

I knew I wanted to pay attention.

Mole number one was fine, mole number two was fine. Mole number three was not fine.


She wouldn’t even say the “c” word.

But it looked like it was still in the skin. So not to worry she said. I need to see a plastic surgeon and get more cut out of my leg.

I go tomorrow morning to a plastic surgeon.

I feel like I have a rouge ninja in my body.

An invader. A cell who doesn’t respect authority. Off on its own, dividing making random cells that do not belong.

The sin of Adam and Eve right down to the very molecules of my body.


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