An Apple In The Toilet

The upstairs toilet the children use is plugged.  There is a huge wad of paper settled in the bottom of the bowl.   I pushed down the handle and used the plunger to dislodge the wad of paper as the water poured in and almost crested over the bowl.   The mess flushed. But wait, what is that stuck to the plunger. A thick piece of paper?  A piece of paper towel?

And then I am four again. Standing  in the doorway of the bathroom watching the plumber dismantle our solitary mint green toilet.  He took a metal plumbers snake and pushed it into the bowels of the floor. My parents stood beside him staring at the toilet.  No one breathed as we waited to see what would come up from the depths as he slowly turned the handle.  At the end of the snake was a large red Macintosh apple with one bite out of it.  We all stared at the apple, and then my mother and my father and the plumber stared at me.

I don’t remember why I  put  my apple in the toilet. I don’t even remember flushing it down.


I used a plastic bag over my hand to pick  the paper towel out of the toilet and toss  it in the garbage can.  Then I ran down the stairs, and yelled to the kids, ” Hey guys, guess what I tried to flush down the toilet when I was little!”


12 responses to “An Apple In The Toilet

  1. What a memory! The apple is so funny, you were a busy little one. Your ending line is great. That’s not the normal parent reaction, good for you!

  2. Here I am laughing at the image of an apple coming out of the toliet. And what a wonderful response to your kids! Thank you for sharing and for the smiles. 🙂

  3. This is funny and sweet. How lovely that you were able to use what might be an irritating moment and turn it into a storytelling bonding experience with your kids. An apple…that’s a new one to me!

  4. This is awesome! I love the way you inserted your memory and how you left running to tell your kids what you did when you were a kid! Thanks for the smile today!

  5. Oh wow. That is great. Way to turn something stressful into something enjoyable. It’s so amazing how the brain works and how memories come to surface. An apple… too funny.

  6. Ha! I love your excitement at the end, running down telling your story … and I love that kid-you put an apple down the toilet. Bizarre and hillarious!

  7. Parents and children, circles and cycles. It’s neat that you recognized and appreciated this one! 🙂

  8. I am chuckling and inspired by your gift to your kids.

  9. Oh, what a story. Great ending.

  10. Rebecca Ufford

    I love this! Everyone can relate to this because everyone has somehow or other been a party of a plugged up toilet. You are such a breath of fresh air, my friend 🙂

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