haiku before breakfast

praying as I walk

dear God, heal my friend Heidi

making chicken soup



10 responses to “haiku before breakfast

  1. I love haiku and forgot all about writing it. Your few words say so much. Chicken soup will always mean healing. Thanks.

  2. Your poem says it all. I hope that your friend is healed by hands of God.

  3. I will pray for Heidi too. May your soup have healing effects.

  4. Touching. Adding a prayer for Heidi,too.

  5. Simply beautiful. Putting feet to your prayers!

  6. I love how your lines hang in the air; distinct and separate, but related with seemingly loose but very strong connective tissue. Each piece has weight, and so does the whole.

    Praying for healing.

  7. Clear, simple, genuine, touching. Prayers and hugs for both Heidi and you.

  8. I love how much movement there is in this haiku — the walking, the prayer, the cooking. Really quick and deep. I will add my wish for Heidi’s healing, too.

  9. Thank you everyone for your prayers for Heidi. The chicken soup was delivered today at lunch. I told her about your prayers. She smiled.

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