Today is My Brothers Birthday

My mom and dad had two children. Me, and my older brother. He was one grade  a head of me in school.   We use to live across the hall from each other. I saw him every day. The last time I saw him was six years ago.

He has always been my bestest brother, and I have been his bestest sister.  For my birthday in 1973, he gave me a full length mirror. Glued to the bottom of the mirror were two silver medallions. To my bestest sister Pam. Love Neal 1973.  When I left home at nineteen, I took the medallions and left the mirror.

I love my brother

Blowing out candles in my mind

missing you today


10 responses to “Today is My Brothers Birthday

  1. That is the bestest tribute. Happy Birthday Neal.
    (The link you posted didn’t take me here. I wanted to read what you wrote so I had to come directly to your blog. Please re-post so others can find the way to this.)

  2. Beautiful. Your brother called you Pam… How interesting since you are Pamela.

  3. Your sparse words have created a sense of sadness for this day.

  4. 1973 was the year I was born here in snowy Edmonton. A tip of the glass to your brother from the northern bank of the North Saskatchewan.

    I love your unpunctuated haikus. I think I may take a shot at that kind of style.

  5. Love the picture. I sense a closeness that leaves me wondering. Glad you have this precious memory to hold on to.

  6. Hauntingly beautiful. That medallion is priceless.

  7. Happy Birthday Neil

    From B.C.


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