I don’t need help with my buty

My oldest daughter was trying on a swimsuit. As I waited I walked through the underwear section. At the end of the aisle was Buty Pant. Apparently I may sometimes need a buty. Well, it was suppose to be natural looking, and it did have a contoured form to resemble a curvacous bottom. Some one in marketing was trying to find an insecurity to market a new product to. I don’t want my bottom to look like anyone elses. Then when they see me, they may wonder. Is that real?

I like the way I am. The gray hair is me. I walk right past the hair dyes in pharmacy on my way to the toothpaste. I don’t mind someone mistaking me for my husband’s mother. Or my children’s grandmother. Well, maybe a little. But not enough to change the color of my hair. If all woman die their hair to hide the gray. Then the ones who have gray hair really look old.

I checked out my Curve on the Levi Web-site, and according to my measurements I have a bold curve. But in the store I was measured and told I had a slight curve.  So who really knows. But one thing I do know for sure.

I won’t be buying a Buty Pant.


8 responses to “I don’t need help with my buty

  1. I like your gray hairs. I have gray hairs coming in (yikes!). I often will glance at people’s heads and wonder… do they have grays? Why aren’t they wearing them proudly? Are they hiding them? How does she not have grays? I wonder these things. When I see women with gray hairs, I don’t have to wonder. I just admire and want to wear my grays the same way. 🙂

  2. I am so glad you aren’t going to buy a Buty Pant. 🙂 I want the confidence to love every ounce of me just as is. I am working on it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hummm…a buty pant?!?Pamela I know you are probably right about the hair dye and I have come to respect your opinion. I have to confess about every 6 weeks I walk right to the hair dye on the way to the toothpaste. Maybe day I will walk past, too. 🙂

  4. I decided that when the gray came I couldn’t afford to keep up with it, so I never played with hair color. Silver it is for me. Buty panties? Forget it! Wish I had less buty, why would I add more?

  5. Thanks for keeping me posted on what new beauty products I am missing out on. I will be saving my money because I have my own heavily “padded” buty!

  6. Never heard of these pants. Can they possibly be comfortable? It takes confidence to stay natural and not to worry over the color of the hair or the shape of the curves.

  7. I love your confidence and it boisters my own, beginning to struggle with the gray and debating what to do. It is so expensive – go natural! Or maybe just a couple highlights???

  8. Jennifer, you could shave your head and you would still look pretty. A few gray hairs will just give you character. Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it. Highlights are fun as well. I once shaved the underside of my hair and died it red. I just never did the whole head thing to hide something.

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