The Frogs Have Laid Eggs

Today my youngest daughter and I walked  to the pond to count frogs and to see if we could find Todd.  We found one that looked like Todd, the frog she had caught and released the day before.  Todd was puffing out the loose skin under his chin and crying out for a girlfriend. Timber said, “Come on Todd, you can do it.  I want to be a grandmother.”

We found three pairs of mating frogs. The female frogs were brown and the males on top were green. They sat like that for the whole time we were there. Timber said, ” They have been sitting like that for hours. They sure do take along time to make babies. How long did it take you and Papa to make me?”

“Hmm, not that long.”

We found a long gel like string of black dots close to where Todd was sitting.  Maybe Todd already had a wife, and the string of eggs were his children.  My daughters grandchildren.


6 responses to “The Frogs Have Laid Eggs

  1. “Timber said, “Come on Todd, you can do it. I want to be a grandmother.”

    Oh my gosh, I just laughed out loud when I read this part. Our of the mouths of our babes..

    loved this part too

    “How long did it take you and Papa to make me?”

    Anyone who has spent time with children can just hear this conversation taking place. Thank you for sharing. It has been a tough day in the classroom and you reminded me why I chose to teach:)

  2. I laughed out loud at the same parts. “How long” answered like a true parent. We haven’t had to answer that one yet

  3. Todd is certainly a handsome fellow all puffed out. The question will be causing lots of chuckles around the world as they read this. You answered so calmly, perfect.

  4. Ohhh…these nature studies do bring out interesting questions! I hope you will take a picture of the great-grandbabies. (I love your photographs and your writing!)

  5. I’m so glad this little slice made it to your blog! You have to keep us updated on the grandchildren… I mean frogs!

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