Dryer Lint is Sticky

My hands were still wet from washing the cat vomit off of the front porch with the garden hose, when I cleaned out the dryer lint. Our cat Pooh,  likes to eat grass, and then throw it back up beside the front door.  I would rather the cat brought me mice instead of the vomited grass, if it was a gift he was leaving for me at my doorstep.

When I worked in Northern British Colombia at the fly in petroleum camp as a kitchen helper with my Aunt, I set a trap line  for mice. I set the traps in the fields trying to catch a variety of species. I borrowed a stick shift and headed out on the dirt roads.  There had been  a research group that had camped near the Petroleum Camp from a Science Museum, the week before.  They  set traps for mice. They would catalog what they caught and then stuff the mice for their museum.  Taxidermy for rodents. I worked with them when I had free time in the afternoons.  I helped them dissect the mice. After they left I set my own trap line, and stuffed the mice I caught.

I know how to set trap lines for rodents. I know how to stuff mice, and I know not to take dryer lint out of the dryer with wet hands.


3 responses to “Dryer Lint is Sticky

  1. After reading your story on dryer lint, and the offerings from your cat, I found it interesting the cats name was Pooh. I guess the “h” on the end changed the meaning. Happy Easter!!!

  2. You, Pamela, are a woman of many talents with many past lives. No, this doesn’t surprise me, but I wanted to say it out loud. Conjuring the image of you clearing that trap line and stuffing those mice called up memories of my aunt, a biologist and summer camp counselor who dissected and stuffed many things in my childhood, sometimes with my help, sometimes with me keeping myself a bit removed as I held back my “yuck” reflex and watched her work.

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