The Green Button is on The bottom Right

The green button is on the bottom right hand side of the credit card machine in Denmark. I do not read Danish, but I assume that green means go. Green means yes, I agree with the price of the item I have just bought. The Danish clerk rings up my purchase. She says something to me in Danish. I slide my magnetic strip through the machine, and type in my pin number.  I push the green button. The Danish clerk smiles at me and hands me my receipt and my items. I do not have any Danish Krone in my wallet, I just have a hard plastic card that is connected to my bank account in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States of America.

The buttons on the charge machine read, Slet alt, Slet, and Godkend. I know the green button is the one to push without even knowing what Godkend means. The button on a charge machine to accept payment where I live In THe United States is green, and is in the bottom right as well.  I assumed the button to accept payment on a charge card in Denmark was green and I was right.

I asked our hosts daughter to translate the Danish that was printed on the red, yellow and green buttons on the charge machine. Slet alt, means to delete everything. Slet means to delete. Godkend means to accept the charge.

There are many differences between Denmark and North America. The things that are important are the same. Both countries have a green button to accept a charge on a credit card machine. I am grateful to be able to shop with ease in Denmark. And shopping after all, is what is really important.


7 responses to “The Green Button is on The bottom Right

  1. You find the most interesting things to write about. Are you enjoying Denmark?

  2. I think most of us try to make sense of things using our schema. Good job purchase accepted. Godkend…gotta love a word with the word “God” in it…”God”love, provision never “end”s even though money might be “K” 0 ed( knocked out). That is how I want to remember that word! (Too much?):)

    • God’s provision never ends. Or how about God is going to accept the charge of the cross? Interesting way to think of the word. And how could you not when God is in the word?

      • I am with you. Enjoy the rest of your trip! By the way I LOVE that you listed writer as your occupation!!! I trust you added to your legos other Danish souvenirs for the kids. Now my new burning question. Are you a great grandma? Did the frog eggs hatch in your pond? See that is the true mark of a writer…readers waiting for a sequel. :)Blessings.

      • I will find out if the Tadpoles have legs when I get back. It was hard to tell which children are Todd’s. Thank you for the interest. I will have a frog baby shower and write another post after the shower.

  3. interesting

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