A Little Blue Ribbon

The toilet paper had a thin satin blue ribbon tided around it with a small bow. The end of the roll had been folded into a neat triangle. The toilet paper was suspended from a brass upright hook beside the toilet in the bathroom in the Women’s or Damer bathroom at Hotel Hesselet in Nyborg Denmark.  I don’t remember seeing toilet paper suspended this way in the United States. The extra roll is usually stored under the sink cabinet, or on the back of the toilet. I have never seen it wrapped in a ribbon. You may have had your toilet paper tied with a ribbon on your travels. I really am not the world expert of how toilet paper is presented in public places.

Perhaps I will write a research paper on Social Customs In The Presentation of Toilet Paper.

Our Danish host Jens Fudge said, “It is okay to ask someone in Denmark where the toilet is. The word toilet is not considered impolite as a way to ask someone where the bathroom is.”  I was going to say the toilet paper was beside the commode, to make the toilet sound more dignified, but I will describe it the way the Danish and the British do.

In the Heathrow Airport the women’s bathroom is called the Women’s toilet. In England the word toilet may refer to one of four things; A room or building equipped with one or more toilets, A plumbing fixture for the elimination of bodily waste, Misfortune resulting in lost effort or money and The act of dressing and preparing yourself.

The hotel was filled with quality Danish design, the chef’s composed symphony’s in the kitchen, and the wait staff made we feel like a princess. ( We were staying in the Princess sweet ) and they had a small blue ribbon on the extra roll in the Toilet.


2 responses to “A Little Blue Ribbon

  1. And rightlfully so, a small blue ribbon for a “princess”………..

  2. I am enjoying all your little glimpses. This one was so sweet – reminded me of my recent “small offerings” post.
    Your note about the green button – Godkend – is such a great reminder of how a global world can be made familiar and neighbor-like with the simple use of common symbols.

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