Rescuing My Grandchildren

When I was driving home from taking my older daughter to school, I saw bulldozers moving earth in the section of the property where my youngest daughter Timber’s frogs Todd and Toddette live. From the road it looked like they had plowed over the pond. I parked in the driveway and walked up the hill to the empty lot with the pond.

I was scared that the pond was covered in mounds of dirt.

The pond was still there. The bulldozers were only 20 yards away from the pond. I ran home and told Timber we needed to do a rescue operation. We took a pail and several large plastic containers. I also took my kitchen strainer to help catch my grandchildren, the Tadpoles.

We put on our rubber boots, we were ready to save lives.

We caught tadpoles and put them in the buckets in the wagon.  Timber prayed, “Dear God, please let the frogs come out so we can save them.” Timber made a noise by putting her tongue on the roof of her mouth. Two frogs answered her. Timber said,” I speak Frog.”

Timber heard a frog answer her. The noise was coming from the grass at the edge of the water. She put her plastic container in front of the frog and it hopped into it. “I caught a frog! We are making a difference.”

We put the tadpoles and frogs in our backyard pond. Tomorrow we will go back to the pond up the street and try to catch more frogs.


5 responses to “Rescuing My Grandchildren

  1. And this is why every woman needs rubber boots!!! Way to go girls!!!

  2. Love it! The child in you is not gone, Pamela, and that is great. People who have thrown out their child, or suppressed it are somw of life’s great paupers and no fun in the bargain. Also, frogs are a threatened species and there are fewer of them in the world. A world without frogs would be poorer so I doubly think what you did and are doing is great!!! Wish I were there to help! Love, AJ/Nana

  3. Oh no!! I am so happy you saved the frog part of the family tree from peril. Trust the readjustment to the backyard pond has gone well. It will be nice to have them even closer.

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