A Souvenir from Denmark in Pennsylvania

The Little Mermaid was home in Copenhagen Denmark after visiting Shanghai for the World Expo in 2010.  My husband and I met her on Saturday April 14th on our one week trip to Denmark. The Little Mermaid is from the story of the same name, written by Hans Christian Anderson, and published in 1837.  The Little Mermaid sculpture is 65 inches tall .  She was  created in 1913 by Edvard Eriksen. The Little Mermaid is sad. She loves the prince, but he marries another, and the Little Mermaid becomes sea-foam.

There were many people trying to take their picture in front of The Little Mermaid. A man was taking a photograph of  his female companion. I forgot to look at their hands. So I won’t say wife. I don’t know if she had on a ring on her left hand.  I offered to take a picture with their camera of both of them. Then they offered to take a photograph of me in front of the statue. I called for Nick to join me, and they took a photograph of both of us.  I like to look at the photograph. It reminds me that we were in Denmark.

A week after we were home, I went to pick up Piper at the thrift store where she works, Liberty Ministries Thrift Store, a ministry for people in jail or recently released.  She showed me something on the shelf in the ornament section. The statue looked a little sad, and far away from home.  The Little Mermaid was priced at $1.00. Made in Denmark, and living in Pennsylvania. I bought the statue and gave it to Piper.

I was told by one of Piper’s managers, ” If you want to buy something, just wait and it will eventually show up in the store.”  I believe her now.

The Little Mermaid was waiting for us in the store in Pennsylvania while we were looking for her in Denmark.


3 responses to “A Souvenir from Denmark in Pennsylvania

  1. I truly enjoyed this story, poor little mermaid, her true love loved another, how sad indeed. I’m glad she now lives in your home, I’ll bet she is too !! Thank you for a great tale on this 1st day of May, 2012.

  2. It amazed me the amount of people who were at the statue (and it was a rainy day) when we were there. She is a lonely figure. I wonder what the story is on the statue in the thrift store. Where has she been before? Hmmm, sounds like there could be a story in that musing.

    • Yes, I wonder what her story is. The statue looked old.
      I never thought of her being lonely. At least she gets company. I wonder why she is so popular, even on a rainy day.

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