Sitting In My Closet

Today I feel like sitting in my closet. I want to sit with my back against the wall and let my dresses hang in front of me. I want to turn the light off and sit in the dark.  I want to sit there for at least ten minutes, maybe fifteen.

I will set the timer and enjoy the peace and quiet. In the dark I can not see the grass that is growing. In the dark I can not see the dust settling on the bookcase. In the dark I can not see the laundry waiting to be ironed.

I have a few minutes left in my closet. I will come out when the timer beeps.


10 responses to “Sitting In My Closet

  1. I was just thinking about being in a closet the other day – because one of my students wanted to climb into our classroom closet and I was reminded of how much I liked to be in my closet as a child.
    Don’t come out for awhile – in fact, could I bring you a pillow, flashlight and a book?

  2. Kind of womb-like in the closet, wouldn’t you say? We all need a place for peace and quiet. Enjoy your time there.

  3. Amanda (Hoormann) Hursey

    I emailed my best friend yesterday afternoon and told her I couldn’t hang out because I needed to go home and sit in the back of my closet and stare at the wall. So glad I’m not the only one! Thank you for your blog posts; it has been great to “re-meet” you as an adult! 🙂

  4. Oh how many times I have done that…..still do……you are your Mothers daughter. What is it about closets????? Or, just sitting some place where no one can find you!!!!!!

  5. Sometimes my “closet” is within the pages of a book. I can get lost there and forget all the things around me that beg for my attention but don’t deserve it.

  6. Oh yes. To get lost in a book. That is like a closet isn’t it?

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