A Load Of Mulch From A Friend

On Friday I received this e-mail from a woman I met from the church we attend in Bechtelsville,Pennsylvania, Morningstar 


….. I now have Saturday AM free from 9-11, and I was wondering if I could pick up a load of mulch for you and bring it to your house……… If you will not be home, I could empty the mulch on a tarp somewhere in your yard.  Let me know if this could work for you.

I almost cried when I read this e-mail. I got that sort of feeling where you feel like crying, your throat gets a sort of lump in it, and your eyes lose focus because they are filled with natural saline from the Lacrimal Gland located in the sperior lateral part of the eye socket .  The tears stayed in my eyelids, and didn’t fall out, but they were moistening my eyeballs that the optometrist said are clinically dry at my last appointment.

We moved to Pennsylvania about a year and a half ago from California.  The first year we were here, I was sad. Sad because I missed my friends. Sad that I agreed to move here.  Sad that nobody recognized my face.  Sad  I couldn’t have a year round garden.  I whined a lot and used more muscles on my face to frown than to smile. I checked on snopes.com if it is true that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile. The status of that claim is undetermined. Snopes did say that smiles and frowns are contagious. I was spreading frowns.

Each day I wake up, I have lived in Pennsylvania one more day. And each day I go to sleep it has been one more day that I have not lived in California. The friends I left in California will always be my friends. Like an Evergreen Tree is always green, my friends are Everfriends, they will always be my friends.  A few weeks before we left California. I was living at the Watsonville Fairgrounds with the children for a week during the Santa Cruz County Fair. My oldest daughter was showing a market goat for 4-H. It would be her last year to compete, because we were moving. A friend came to see us, and said, “You must be so sad to leave.”

I told her, ” I am so sad to leave. But I am so happy we lived our lives here, that I would be sad to leave. ”  I think the greater sorrow, would be to leave California and not have anyone miss us. The greater sorrow would be to not care if I left.

I live in Pennsylvania .

I have a friend.

I am not sad.


3 responses to “A Load Of Mulch From A Friend

  1. It’s good to have friends –

  2. That made me so sad even “I” wanted to cry, I am so glad you have collected more friends in your long list of friends………..

  3. Hooray!

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