My Own Socks

When I mow the lawn or work in the yard, I wear workboots. All of the  socks I own are no-show ankle socks. I don’t own  any  socks that I could wear with my boots.   My husband does. The white athletic socks in his sock drawer feel nice on my feet, and I borrow them.  Well, I really just take them without asking. I could quote him Matthew 5:42, Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. Except I have never asked him if I could borrow his socks.  I assumed he didn’t mind.

My husband just asked me what I was writing about. I told him it was about stealing his socks. He said,” Oh, that is where they go.”

Last week when I was in the sock aisle at the discount store, I thought to myself, “ I could buy my own socks. I don’t have to borrow my husbands socks anymore. I can buy my own socks.”   I bought six pairs of black socks to wear with my workboots. They are warm and comfortable and they are mine.  Taking care of myself in the sock aisle.


One response to “My Own Socks

  1. I didn’t need to borrow (steal) my husbands socks because I have never mowed a lawn, is that lazy of me? OR is that a husbands job? ( I always felt if ever I mowed the lawn it would end up being another job of mine!) I am soooo glad you have your own socks!! I guess if you like mowing grass then go for it, plus you should have your own socks.

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