Put The Lid Back On

A small bit of advice.

When you buy a bottle of liquid laundry soap and you own a cat it may be a good idea to put the lid back on the bottle after you use it.  Well, it might have been the cat.  I am not really sure how the 172 oz bottle of 2x Ultra all with stainlifters, free and clear of dyes, recommended by Dermatologists for Sensitive Skin, but may be harmful if swallowed bottle was knocked off of the top of the washing machine.  There are no video camera’s installed in the laundry room. I can’t play back a video tape to find out what really happened.  I didn’t see any paw prints.  I didn’t find a chewing gum wrapper, or a cigarette butt to help me find out the soap was spilt by someone who chewed gum or smoked cigarettes.

It was my laundry day. I was the last one to put a load in the washing machine. I was the first one to use the new bottle of laundry soap. I was the person who did not put the lid back on the bottle. I am responsible for the mess.

This is sort of like an Aesop’s fable. The moral of the story is : If you don’t put the lid back on the laundry soap, you may have to clean up the mess.


3 responses to “Put The Lid Back On

  1. oh gosh – I know this phrase is cliche but “been there, done that” and (I’m pretty sure it was the cat) – I really got a lecture from my husband.

  2. When our washing machine is washing, especially during spinning, it shakes a lot. It could easily shake the counter enough to knock a bottle to the floor…
    So, I guess putting the lid back on could be a good idea…

  3. OR…….you could use powdered laundry detergent……then again, that could be messy if the box gets dumped over……hmmm 🙂

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